Give Feelings To Robots Using Emotional Sensor Data Set 1.0.4 BETA

Emotions Detection Is an Interesting Blend of Psychology and Technology.

1-This Technology Helps to Build a Companion Robots,This Robots Can be Friendly and Have The Ability to Recognize Users’ Emotions and Needs, and to Act Accordingly.

2-It’s Essentially a Way to Determine How your Consumers are Reacting to Your Website, Social Media Posts, and Other Forms of Your Online Content This Helps to Transform the Face of Marketing and Advertising by Reading Human Emotions and Then Adapting Consumer Experiences to These Emotions in Real Time.

Now Emotional Sensor  DataSet Helps To Detect Emotions In Text or Voice Speech and You Can Easily Build a Sentiment Analysis Bot In few simple steps.

Emotional Sensor Data Set Contain Top  23 650  English Words Classified Statistically Into 7 Basic Emotion Disgust, Surprise ,Neutral ,Anger ,Sad ,Happy and Fear.

The Words Have Been Manually and Automatically Labeled Using Andbrain Engine From over 1.185.540 Classified Words Blogs,Twitters and Sentences .
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